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buckwheat stuffed acorn squash

Thankfully Delicious: Buckwheat stuffed Acorn Squash

I am sure it is obvious by now, but I like to incorporate buckwheat into as many of my recipes as possible! It provides a ton of nutrition, it’s ...
easy breezy buckwheat flatbread

Easy Breezy Buckwheat Flatbread

Before kids and BuckWHAT, I loved spending my entire Saturday or Sunday in the kitchen, experimenting with recipes. The more complicated the bett...
It's BTS Time! Let's Do Lunch.....

It's BTS Time! Let's Do Lunch.....

Last fall, my daughter started her 2’s program. School for 2 years olds! I was so excited for her half day to play with other kids, learn, and start to get a feel for some “independence”. But, then I received the intro packet. My 2-year-old, who would be attending for 3 hours a day, would need to arrive with a snack AND a lunch!! I was not prepared!

basic buckwheat lunch in a jar

Basic Buckwheat: Lunch in a Jar

Welcome back to the BuckWHAT! Blast.  I’m so excited to share our first recipe with you.  It’s something I literally eat almost every day. Buckwheat is incredibly versatile.  It can be served as a side dish, in a salad, in a smoothie….you name it. Because of its nutritional benefits, it doesn’t require much effort for buckwheat and a few other ingredients to make a tasty, highly nutritious, and filling meal.