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Buckwheat Brands I LOVE!

As a buckwheat enthusiast, I am always on the look out for other products made with this super food! Although we have the snack category covered with BuckWHAT Noshes, there are so many other ways to enjoy buckwheat!

For example, I grew up eating it as a side dish. If you are looking to make buckwheat as a base for a grain bowl, I highly recommend using Kasha. Kasha is a roasted version of raw buckwheat. Kasha has a bit of a nuttiness to it that is released during the roasting process. My favorite brand of Kasha is Wollf's Kasha

For smoothies, or a texture topping on a salad, toast, etc., I prefer to use raw buckwheat. My favorite brand of straight up buckwheat is Bob's Red Mill. In fact, I actually met Bob at Expo East one year. That was so much fun!!

If I am baking or need to use buckwheat flour for something, I will either grind down raw buckwheat, or use a store bought buckwheat flour. The reason I prefer to grind down buckwheat myself is that it leaves a little texture. Great in cookies. But if I do want the store bough flour, my favorite is Arrowhead Mills Buckwheat Flour. The reason I love this flour is that its on the lighter side. Some buckwheat flour is darker, and hence has a stronger flavor that can completely change the taste of a dish.

For buckwheat pancakes, I prefer to grind up my own buckwheat along with all the other ingredients. My blender buckwheat pancakes are super easy to make that way. But there are times when I do not have the option of using a blender, or do not want to combine all of the ingredients. In that case I prefer Arrowhead Mills Buckwheat Pancake Mix. I love that brand for the same reason I love their flour. Its on the lighter side and the pancakes come super tasty.

I love crackers!! its a happy place for me. I always try to find healthy versions of my favorite treat. Le Pain Des Fleurs Buckwheat Crispbreads are so yummy. They are great to top with a favorite nut butter and some fruit, or avocado. And unlike other crackers, by using buckwheat, the flatbread add a boost of nutrients.

And lastly cereal! If I am going to eat cereal, its going to be Arrowhead Mills Maple Buckwheat flakes. My kids even love it too.


Happy Noshing


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